Double degree programme


The objective of the concurrent double degree programme is the training of students who, at the end of their studies, have acquired the professional skills of the Degree in Biology and the Degree in Simultaneidade bio quiChemistry that enable them to integrate into the labor market, in  both areas of each title, as in the multiple fields where the collaboration of both disciplines is specifically needed. At the end of their studies, the students of the program will have two degree titles (Degree in Chemistry and Degree in Biology).

The concurrent programme provides students with scientific and technical training in accordance with current scientific methodologies, which allows them to assess the importance of the application of Biology and Chemistry in the industrial, economic, environmental and social context.

Morevover, these studies provide the student with a solid and balanced base of theoretical-practical knowledge, competencies and skills that will allow him or her to continue learning in specialized or multidisciplinary areas of both sciences.

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